"Sick of spending money on leads, buying ads and sponsoring programs & not having any success? Stop Throwing YOUR Money away and Use a Proven System that Will Explode Your Teams, Motivate Your Downline and Increase Retention to Give You the Success You Deserve!"

This CD Series has been used by Tens of Thousands and has created multiple downlines of thousands of Distributors.

  Not winning in Network Marketing is a result of a few simple reasons;

1. Not having a coach that will give you the real truth on how to build a large downline

2. Not having a coach that knows how to lead you to build a large downline

3. Not having a coach at all!

You will now have your own personal coach who is a Multi-Millionaire and has shown multiple people in all walks of life how to earn a six-figure income in Network Marketing.

Single Moms, first time networkers, corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, bus drivers, postal workers these CD's have been the answer to their Network Marketing SUCCESS.  You can have the success you have worked so hard for but it has been elusive........UNTIL NOW.



  It is SIMPLE - listen to the CD #1 and learn how to:

  • Picture Your Success
  • Find Out What You Are Willing to Give Up to Get What You Want
  • Pick a Champion and Mentor
  • Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan to Success

  Listen to this Clip from the First CD...............

The SYSTEM you can put into Place Immediately for You & Your Team

The Cash Cow Series has created Million Dollar Earners for those who have put the Cash Cow System into action.  It is a simple system that you can implement in any Network Marketing Company.  You will also receive the FREE New Distributor Gameplan Guide when you purchase the Cash Cows immediately in pdf format.

People Don't Build a Business - Systems Do

The Cash Cows are not just CD's - they are a System that once implemented will allow your business to grow exponentially.

But, How Do I Implement a System with the Cash Cow CD's?!

1. Purchase the Cash Cow CD's Now.

2. Listen to them in their entirety and take notes and do the exercises.

3. Put the information into action immediately!

4. Get the CD's in every one of your team members hands and have them do the same thing.

5. Every new distributor that comes on to your team should receive a copy the moment they join your team.

6. Have the new Distributor listen to the first 2 CD's within 24 - 48 hours.

7. Once the CD's have been listened to by the new Distributor go over the action items with them.

8. Set up a gameplan with the new distributor using the FREE New Distributor Gameplan Guide.

Using this very system many distributors on my teams have built downlines numbering into the tens of thousands.  It is duplicatable and SIMPLE!

Use a Proven Product that will Get You Results Now!

The Cash Cow Cd's allow you to get information to your new, intermediate and advanced distributors that is actionable and will allow them all to get results immediately.

  CD#2 will coach you on;

  • People are our capital in Network Marketing
  • How to build a massive list of sharp people who want, need and can afford your product
  • How to have multiple prospective distributors see the information and get started in your company
  • The Secret Scripts that will have them begging to see a presentation

  Listen to this Clip from the Second CD...............

Forget the Leads, Ads and Scaring your Friends and Family

Your success, or lack of success, has to do with your training and coaching that you have received to date.  Now it's your turn to get that success from coaches who have had the success you deserve.  Six and seven figure income earners that are willing to share all of their nuggets of information and success with you.

  Most folks do Network Marketing WRONG.  Because they are taught by others with;
  • No experience in Marketing
  • No experience in Business
  • No experience in Coaching others
  • No experience in dealing with major Network Marketing Organizations

Let's face it the only ones who are really able to train effectively are the ones who have done it and are in the top 1% of all Networkers in the world.  Also they have been the best followers, listeners and are extremely coachable.

Bring your coachability and desire to the table and now YOU can WALK THE FINAL STEPS TO SUCCESS with LEADERS, WINNERS and SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETERS.

  CD#3 will give you the Story of Success;

  • How Holton went from the Outhouse to the Penthouse and became a Multi-Millionaire
  • What Holton & Earlene did to get out of $250,000 in Consumer Debt, impending Foreclosure and a Car Repossession
  • The Attitude that Enabled them to Persevere when most would quit or give up before the dream


  CD#4 will give you the Nuts, Bolts and "How To's";

  • The importance of 3 Way Calling - how to set the call up for Massive Sponsoring
  • How to Edify your upline to enable them to support you in a way you never imagined!
  • The BAM FAM and how to get prospects in process and out of process AND in YOUR Business.

  Listen to this Clip from the Fourth CD...............

By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, money back guarantee.

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"The Cash Cow CD series by Holton Buggs is an absolute necessity to anyone who is serious about building a large and profitable Network Marketing Organization.  It is the first thing a person on my team receives to quickly teach them what steps to take to get their business started right, so they have the ability to finish right."

Joe Carpenter, Sacramento, Ca.
"Using the Cash Cow CD series by Holton Buggs enabled me to hit one of the highest levels in a Network Marketing Company and earn over $10,000 in a single week. In subsequent months I was consistently hitting the top 25 income earners list and earning a 5-figure monthly income.  As a single mother of two wonderful boys it gave me incredible income security"

Regina Davis, Sacramento, Ca.

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Distributor GamePlan Guide (a $29.95 Value) - IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD
  • The first steps in getting your new distributors started
  • How to successfully book presentations with their warm market
  • The Success steps you and your distributors can take to earn income immediately

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Ebook on The Secret, PROVEN, Winning Scripts that you can use in any Network Marketing Organization to have MASSIVE showups and sign-ups ($39.99 Value)!! - IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD

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"After earning my first 1 Million Dollars by the age of 24 in the Real Estate Industry I thought I had it figured out but when I got started in Network Marketing the Cash Cow CD's allowed me to accelerate the learning curve. I earned $18,000 my first month and almost $30,000 my second month!"

Romacio Fulcher, Sacramento, Ca.
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